Frequently Asked Questions

How many people should we bring in our party?
Our hunting groups consists of at least 10 people who will hunt four days and stay five nights. While we have 10 beds, some groups bring more than 10 people.
Do you release any birds?
No! All pheasants on our property are native, wild birds. We have worked to cultivate an ideal habitat for native birds to thrive. We supply nesting, food, water, winter habitat for birds on our land. Mother Nature does the rest.
Do you offer guided hunts?
No, we offer Private Exclusive, Self-Guided, Fair Chase Pheasant Hunting Experiences – At Pheasant Hunt Get-Away, we are Self-Guided So You Can Hunt When, Where and How…You Decide!!!
Are meals included in the package price?
Meals are not included, but the lodge kitchen is fully furnished with everything you need to cook your own. If you prefer to have someone else do the cooking, there are several restaurants and steakhouses in town, just 10 miles away.
Where do most of your guests come from?
Pheasant Hunt Get-Away has served hunters from all over the country, with guests coming from New York to California and from Washington to Florida to hunt South Dakota’s legendary ringed-neck pheasants.
What should we bring on our trip to Pheasant Hunt Get-Away?
We provide the birds, the land, lodging, kennels, and field transportation. Hunters are responsible for supplying a South Dakota hunting license, hunting gear, and supplies. Our checklist gives a full rundown of everything to pack for your pheasant hunting vacation.
How do I purchase a South Dakota hunting license?
South Dakota hunting licenses are issued by Game Fish & Parks. Licenses are available online or at various storefront locations in the state.
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