About Us

Pheasant Hunt Get-Away owners Jerry and Susan Vogeler takes great pride in the land, which has been family-owned and operated for more than a century. Jerry is committed to making sure every guest has a successful pheasant hunt, and an enjoyable, relaxing experience.

For generations this pheasant paradise was only available for hunting to friends and relatives. In 2004 Jerry opened Pheasant Hunt Get-Away as a way to share fantastic pheasant hunting and the history of South Dakota farming with new friends and guests from across the country.

Pheasant hunting is a time-honored fall tradition for many South Dakota families, including the Vogelers. Jerry remembers well his first pheasant hunt as a young boy with his father, which sparked his passion for the business today. We are committed to providing a relaxing stay and a successful hunt, and we hope all our guests leave with their own memories of this South Dakota tradition.

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